Chemische Flüssigkeiten verteilen, messen, neutralisieren.

MWF Technik steht für Präzision in Kunststoff und Metall. In der Kunststofftechnik entwickeln wir seit vielen Jahren eigene Produkte in den Bereichen Kompaktanlagen, Armaturen, Behälterzubehör, Labortechnik, Spezialverbindungen, Formteile und Elektrisch leitfähig. Unsere kompakten Lösungen sind hervorragend geeignet zum Verteilen, Messen und Neutralisieren von aggressiven Medien. Im aktuellen Produktkatalog finden Sie über 1.600 Artikel und Optionen. Gerne stehen wir Ihnen bei Fragen oder Sonderwünschen zur Verfügung – sprechen Sie uns an!

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DELIVERY OF PRODUCTS Shipping method We deliver with our standard shipment service. On request we can also offer express deliveries or hand the goods over to your own forwarding agent. Shipping costs The shipping costs depend on the dimensions and weight. We will inform you of the exact delivery costs in the order confirmation or in advance on request. Packaging costs Additionally, we charge a fee for packaging, depending on size and weight. For shipments to other countries, we charge on an individual basis. 94

TERMS AND CONDITIONS Terms and conditions of MWF Technik GmbH & Co. KG I. General information 1. All deliveries and services shall be based on these conditions and any separate contractual agreements. Purchaser’s conditions that deviate from those laid out here will not become part of the contract, even if the order is already accepted. A contract is concluded – unless agreed otherwise – upon written order confirmation from the supplier. The validity of these terms and conditions shall not be affected by the inaccuracy of one or more terms. 2. The supplier reserves all ownership rights and copyrights for samples, cost estimates, drawings and similar information of a corporeal and incorporeal nature (including in electronic form); they may not be made accessible to third parties. The supplier pledges to make information and documents that the purchaser designates as confidential only available to third parties with the purchaser’s agreement. II. Prices and payment 1. Unless otherwise agreed upon, our prices apply ex works including loading in our works but excluding packaging and unloading. Value-added tax applies to the prices at the amount determined by law. 2. Unless otherwise agreed upon, payment has to be made without any deduction onto the account of the supplier no later than 30 days after delivery. All costs will be covered by the purchaser. 3. Payment by draft or check shall not apply as payment until the encashment of such paper has been effected. Discount and withdrawal costs shall be paid by the customer. 4. Payments against older claims are first taken into account. If expenses or interests have already been incurred, the supplier shall be entitled to appropriate the payments first to the expenses, then to the interests, and lastly to the primary debt. 5. The right to withhold payments or to offset counterclaims shall only accrue to the purchaser to the extent that his counterclaims are undisputed or legally effective. III. Delivery time, delivery delay 1. The delivery period shall be governed by the agreements between the contract parties. Compliance with them by the supplier shall presuppose that all commercial and technical questions between the contracting parties have been clarified. 2. Compliance with the delivery deadline is subject to punctual and correct delivery by our own suppliers. 3. The delivery is met, when the object of delivery has left the supplier’s plant prior to the delivery deadline or the supplier has notified his readiness to ship. As far as an acceptance is required, the date of taking over is decisive (unless a justified refusal for acceptance is given), alternatively the date of notice of readiness for acceptance. 4. If the dispatch and acceptance of the goods are delayed for reasons the purchaser is liable for, the purchaser shall bear the cost resulting from such delay from the beginning of one month after readiness for dispatch or after notification of acceptance. IV. Decrease of risk, acceptance 1. The transfer of risk to the customer takes place when the delivery object leaves the plant, also in the event of partial deliveries, or when the supplier assumes other services, e.g. shipping costs or delivery and installation. If acceptance has to take place, this is relevant for the transfer of risk. It must take place without delay as per the delivery date, and as an alternative following the supplier’s report of readiness for dispatch. The purchaser may not refuse acceptance if a minor defect is found. 2. In the event of delay or failure of dispatch or acceptance on grounds for which the supplier is not responsible, the risk will be transferred to the purchaser from the day of notification of the dispatch or readiness for acceptance. 3. Partial delivery shall be permissible, as far as it is reasonable for the purchaser. V. Retention of title 1. All delivered goods shall remain our property until the satisfaction of all claims, particularly the respective balance claims, to which we are entitled within the framework of the business relationship. When the purchaser is selling the goods supplied by us, he already assigns herewith until the complete amortization of all our claims on the receivables resulting from such sales from his buyers including all ancillary rights to us; in case of previous processing, the assignment is made to the proportionate value of the coownership. This assignment is hereby accepted by us. At our request, the purchaser is obliged to notify the third-party purchaser about the assignment and to inform us about everything and hand out all necessary documents that enable us to assert our rights against the third-party purchaser. VI. Warranty and liability 1. The purchaser must check the delivered goods within 10 days after delivery insofar as this is appropriate according to correct business practice, and shall inform us immediately in writing about any defects. If the purchaser fails to inform us in time, the goods shall be considered accepted, unless it concerns a hidden defect which could not be detected during inspection of the goods. 2. In the case where such a defect only becomes apparent later, notification must be made forthwith after discovery, otherwise the goods shall be considered approved despite the defect. If the defect is caused by us on delivery of our goods or services, we are entitled at our own choice to remedy the defect or to deliver new goods respectively to render new services. If we should fail to remedy the defect, deliver new goods, and render new services or if we are otherwise entitled to refuse further measures, the purchaser is entitled to his legal rights. Normally, at least two attempts to remedy a defect can be expected by the purchaser. In the event of only slight defects, withdrawal is excluded. 3. The warranty claims of the purchaser shall become statute-barred in accordance with the statutory regulations. Additionally, warranty claims expire in accordance with statutory provisions if the defect consists in a third-party right to demand delivery of the product or in another right that is recorded in the land register, or when a building or object has a defect despite the ordinary and proper use of its intended function on a building. Warranty claims become time-barred within one year. Our liability for defects does not include defects caused by normal wear or usage or behavior that is solely the responsibility of the purchaser. 4. We do not provide guarantee for any special designs, for equipment combinations that were not tested and approved by us, and for devices mounted outside of our works, unless the installation was made with a specific written declaration of consent, or under the supervision of a delegated person from our company. But even in such a case, approval by us is necessary. 5. Furthermore, when producing prototypes / experimental arrangements, any warranty of the delivery factory is excluded, unless the warranty is accepted on delivery expressly in writing within the preceding warranty conditions, or that the experimental arrangement will be sold to a third party with written confirmation of the delivery factory. 6. Natural wear and tear and any damages caused by careless or improper handling are also excluded from the guarantee. VII. Final provisions The sole place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising directly or indirectly from the contractual relationship (including actions on checks or bills of exchange) shall be the supplier’s worksite. We shall also be entitled to take legal action at the purchaser‘s domicile. A transfer of the contractual rights and duties by the purchaser to third parties requires our written approval. The abovementioned terms and conditions shall be the basis for business transactions with our purchasers. Any other conditions of the purchaser shall only be binding on us when they have been stipulated in a separate written agreement, otherwise, our silence shall in any case be regarded as a rejection. The purchaser accepts our terms and conditions when he accepts our delivery. The entire contractual relationship between the parties shall be governed by the laws of Germany with the exclusion of the UN purchasing law. A possible voiding of any individual terms of business does not affect the validity of the other stipulated agreements. Status: January 2018 95