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MWF Technik steht für Präzision in Kunststoff und Metall. In der Kunststofftechnik entwickeln wir seit vielen Jahren eigene Produkte in den Bereichen Kompaktanlagen, Armaturen, Behälterzubehör, Labortechnik, Spezialverbindungen, Formteile und Elektrisch leitfähig. Unsere kompakten Lösungen sind hervorragend geeignet zum Verteilen, Messen und Neutralisieren von aggressiven Medien. Im aktuellen Produktkatalog finden Sie über 1.600 Artikel und Optionen. Gerne stehen wir Ihnen bei Fragen oder Sonderwünschen zur Verfügung – sprechen Sie uns an!

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MWF Inspection Openings from DN90, Revision Nozzle, up to DN300 to DN800 Manholes

MWF Manhole DN300-DN800

MWF Manhole DN300-DN800 with quick-acting closure MWF Manhole as passable inspection openings for the thermoplastic container and plant construction INCLUDING: Certifications, certificates and licenses • Nominal size DN300-DN800 According to BG rule 117-1 (German employers’ liability insurance association): “In carrying out operations in confined spaces such as vessels, silos and tight spaces”, a minimal manhole diameter of 800 mm is recommended • Materials PP, PP flame resistant, PE, PE nature, PE electrically conductive, PVC • Sealing made of TPE-S O-rings endless, without splice, especially developed sealing profile, resistant to nearly all common chemicals, compliant with the standards of the food industry • Clamping rings made of stainless steel 1.4301 Optionally in adjustable design, for retensioning the cap • Available with or without nozzle • Fall protection for vertical installation Prevents the manhole cap from falling down during the revision process • Certificates for your documentation Material certificate 3.1, factory certification 2.2, WHG (federal water resources law), DIN ISO 9001, DVS2212, food approval SKZ - the plastics center Tested according to test report no. 214010/20 of SKZ Testing GmbH in Würzburg, Germany The research and development of our MWF Manholes was supported by the Central Innovation Program (ZIM) of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as a recognized innovation project. 4 MWF Technik GmbH & Co. KG · Halsschlag 9 · 56427 Siershahn · Germany

Advantages of MWF Manhole • Deep-drawn cap with high stability, manufactured with only one material • Ergonomic design of the handle with stabilizing function The ergonomic handle eases use and gives the cap additional stability. • Screwless quick-acting closure with clamping ring made of stainless steel • Five nominal sizes to DN800 • Huge choices at the market, material selection incl. PE nature, PE electrically conductive and PVC • Endless O-rings without splice • Optional cap fall protection for the vertical installation • Certifications and testimonies for the documentation, incl. food approval The fall protection set (see accessory) eases the revision process at the vertical installation of the manhole. Dimensions (mm) H D1 DN 300 400 500 600 800 di 312 410 510 610 810 D 322 420 520 620 820 D1 352 450 550 650 850 H ca. 90 103 116 129 155 H2 ca. 304 317 330 343 370 H2 36 di 250 D 5 5 With optional nozzle Tel. +49 2623 97099-0 · Fax +49 2623 97099-22 · · 5