Chemische Flüssigkeiten verteilen, messen, neutralisieren.

MWF Technik steht für Präzision in Kunststoff und Metall. In der Kunststofftechnik entwickeln wir seit vielen Jahren eigene Produkte in den Bereichen Kompaktanlagen, Armaturen, Behälterzubehör, Labortechnik, Spezialverbindungen, Formteile und Elektrisch leitfähig. Unsere kompakten Lösungen sind hervorragend geeignet zum Verteilen, Messen und Neutralisieren von aggressiven Medien. Im aktuellen Produktkatalog finden Sie über 1.600 Artikel und Optionen. Gerne stehen wir Ihnen bei Fragen oder Sonderwünschen zur Verfügung – sprechen Sie uns an!

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Inspection Openings ENGLISH

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MWF Inspection Openings from DN90, Revision Nozzle, up to DN300 to DN800 Manholes

Universally applicable

Universally applicable and easily maintained Inspection openings of 90 to 800 mm diameter hand hole or manhole ø Manholes to DN800 MWF Revision Nozzles A wide range in terms of types, materials and spare parts (see pages 10+11). MWF Manhole The deep-drawn ergonomic cap was manufactured from one material (e.g. PVC transparent). The clamping ring made of stainless steel allows for an easy and quick opening/closing of the inspection opening. Now also available as adjustable clamping ring (see right, standard for DN800). 2 MWF Technik GmbH & Co. KG · Halsschlag 9 · 56427 Siershahn · Germany

PRODUCT INNOVATION MWF Manhole Certified specialist for plastics technology For more than 15 years, MWF Technik has been developing and manufacturing a unique product range for distributing, measuring and neutralizing chemical liquids. Today, we offer more than 1,600 articles and options, beginning with the simple moulded part over container accessories all the way to modern valves and systems for the most diversified application fields. Furthermore, we develop, construct and manufacture according to the customer’s order individual product solutions in plastics and metal technology. We are a certified specialist according to WHG (federal water resources law), and we have trained specialists for plastic and rubber technology as well as for plastic welding according to DVS 2212-1 (Deutscher Verband für Schweißtechnik e.V. = German Welding Association). MWF Manholes Passable inspection openings for the thermoplastic container and plant construction Cap in ergonomic design Clamping ring as quick-acting closure In the field of manholes, we offer since 2020 an unique range of innovative solutions. In the first concept and development phase, we analyze existing market solutions and closely consult with users and experts at the chemical plant construction, the water industry and environmental technology. Our goal is to offer a new generation of manholes that offers more possibilities for usage and handling due to more flexibility, ergonomics and certified quality. Our specialists in development, 3D construction, plastics technology and metal technology work hand in hand. The result is a completely new production area at MWF Technik. This includes the tools for production with the deep-drawing process of innovative cap design which are explained in detail. For the multi-step manufacturing of the flange, we have developed our own machines. The mould and material concepts for sealing and clamping ring also come from our own development, rounding off our intelligent overall solution. Sealing of TPE-S Quality of MWF Technik For the manufacture of MWF Manholes, we have developed a complete production process on our own and have adjusted it to series maturity. Our components and overall solution are certified with works and material certificates. Six raw materials are available: PP, PP flame resistant, PE, PE nature, PE electrically conductive, and PVC (cap optionally PVC transparent). Other materials, such as PE blue for drinking water elevated tanks, on request. Flange available made of six raw materials, see right side Now also available in adjustable version, for retensioning the cap (Standard for DN800). Tel. +49 2623 97099-0 · Fax +49 2623 97099-22 · · 3