Chemische Flüssigkeiten verteilen, messen, neutralisieren.

MWF Technik steht für Präzision in Kunststoff und Metall. Seit vielen Jahren entwickeln wir eigene Produkte in den Bereichen Kompaktanlagen, Armaturen, Behälterzubehör, Labortechnik, Spezialverbindungen und Formteile. Unsere kompakten Lösungen sind hervorragend geeignet zum Verteilen, Messen und Neutralisieren von aggressiven Medien. Im aktuellen Produktkatalog finden Sie über 1.000 Artikel und Optionen. Gerne stehen wir Ihnen bei Fragen oder Sonderwünschen zur Verfügung – sprechen Sie uns an!

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COMPACT SYSTEMS Mini neutralization plant MININEUTRA 400 Fully automatic neutralization of chemically contaminated wastewater up to 400 l / h Dimensions in mm 600 350 High-quality, compact, low-noise 330 650 585 Outlet Inflow 355 422,5 Emergency spillway 780 480 8 MWF Technik GmbH & Co. KG · Halsschlag 9 · 56427 Siershahn · Germany

Technical data Length Width Heights Material Empty weight Capacity 780 mm 480 mm 600 mm PP ca. 50 kg 75 l Wastewater temperature 40 °C max. Neutralization amount max. 300 to 400 l/h (depending on the hardness of wastewater) Adjustment range pH 2 to pH 12 Dosing tank Outlet Display Supply nozzle Overflow nozzle DN 32 Outlet nozzle Spare nozzle each 5 l acid / lye fully automatic (no operator necessary) Two-color red / green for operating and fault message DN 25 or KG D40 D50 DN 25 or customer request DN 40 (option) Product’s benefits at a glance • low outside measurements, fits under laboratory tables or washbasins • solid industrial design with high-quality components • extremely quiet due to dry running security pump and solenoid valve dosage system • maximum operating convenience and operational safety by new micro process control system incl. pH regulation • interactive menu control • easy exchange and calibration of the pH electrode Description of procedure Wastewater runs via the free inflow into the system. After having reached the maximal filling quantity, the fully automatic neutralization process is initiated. The system measures the pH value of the wastewater and adds dosed acid or lye until the wastewater is neutralized, before it pumps the wastewater when being fully automatic. Basic price: 8.500,00 EUR Product name Mini neutralization plant Article no. 91642 Price EUR 8.500,00 Options Final pH value control* Mini neutralization storage tank PP 800 liters pH combi electrode PHGK-2 Hydrochloric acid HCL 20%, 1 kg Caustic soda NaOH 20%, 1 kg Article no. 91701 99002 99063 99046 99047 Price EUR 892,00 1.200,00 145,15 3,00 5,00 * final pH value control consists of: • mobile thermal printer • at the push of a button, you receive the pH values for documentation on a printing journal • the scroll display of the mini neutralization system gets an additional menu item for administration of the final control • the pH value at entry and exit of the wastewater and the pumping time are documented All prices per piece, ex works, plus VAT Tel. +49 2623 97099-0 · Fax +49 2623 97099-22 · · 9

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